Fast and Comfortable logistics

Our advantage - logistics!

One of the specialties of our company is logistics. In this small but capacious word includes a lot of aspects: production logistic provides a reduction in production time and product cost, warehousing logistics provides the optimal amount of goods in stock and helps to optimize the company's operations, transport logistics provides fast and convenient delivery of goods to our customers. These and many other aspects of logistics, we pay serious attention to.

We will show some logistic elements, which provide significant advantages of products FORMATOR:

  • The location of production in Ukraine makes it possible perform almost any customer's order in the shortest terms. This eliminates the need for the client to freeze money by buying excess goods "in reserve"
  • Adjusted and convenient delivery will allow you to concentrate on the main task not worrying about routine things
  • The ability to deliver its own freight transport on the territory of Ukraine
  • Experience in international transport