Dynamic development

Our advantage - the dynamic development of the brand!

The basic FORMATOR principle is the continuous development and this is the only right way in modern life. We set a goal of continuous improvement in these important areas:

  • expansion of the product range
  • expansion of product sales areas
  • improving the process of servicing the needs of the client

Expansion of the product range

We are constantly enlarging range through the expansion of existing product lines and the introduction of new ones. FORMATOR is extremely customer-oriented brand. Therefore, we include a new group of products based on the needs and requirements of our customers. This process is an integral and important part of the brand and never stops.
It is also possible to develop or upgrading products to individual customer needs

Expanding areas of product sales

We continuously develop and improve sales network and select the most effective regional partners to increase presence in retail outlets. For now FORMATOR products are available throughout Ukraine.
Also we provide active work with new markets of Europe and Asia. Active sales are made through trading sites on the Internet.

Improving the process of servicing the needs of the client

FORMATOR products are created considering on the needs of our existing and future customers. One of the most important things in this case is to organize easy and convenient process from consultation, ordering to receiving goods. Every client can choose convenient way::

  • you can get consultation from our experts in all possible ways - through electronic communication channels, by phone or at the sales point.
  • quickly place your order using the shopping cart in our online store, email or phone
  • Our experts will select and offer the best option of order delivery, which will be most convenient for you.

Our specialists have wide experience and will give consultation on any issues regarding product FORMATOR if necessary even in different languages.
Our long experience in logistics can save you time and money.