Ratio price – value

Our advantage - the best ratio, best in the category!

In developing the products FORMATOR carried deep market analysis to identify the most important characteristics for each type of product. The information is received directly form professionals with years of experience and regular users. We take into account the wishes of everyone!

After that a team of experts investigates possibilities to improve only characteristics that are most important for user. For the production team of experts selects the best technology, materials and components of world leaders, but keeping reasonable price.

Maybe you have a question - "how is this possible?" We will share one of our secrets - in most cases, we use production, which is located on the territory of Ukraine. This gives significant advantages - attracting experienced professionals , control over the production process, fast and cheap logistics, there is no need to keep excessive stocks of finished products in stock. Savings are invested in improvement of goods quality. As a result we receive product with better characteristics in its class with no cost increasing!

Also great attention is paid to ergonomics and design - thanks to this the use of the tool is a simple, easy and enjoyable.

Special attention is paid to the optimization of logistics processes and customer service, which is also very important.

As a result, products FORMATOR have the best in its segment main characteristics, more attractive appearance and ergonomics at the price of lower quality competitors.