Abrasive cutting discs

Cutting discs for metal FORMATOR developed in Ukraine according to the advanced technical standards in the industry. Corresponds to the state standards of Ukraine GOST 21963: 2003 and provides a high level of performance and safety.

The disc is designed to work using a hand or stationary electric or pneumatic tool to attachment disks of 22.2 mm, having a maximum permissible up to 230 mm in diameter and a maximum operating speed of 80 m / s. It is made from a mixture of electrocorundum based on bakelite connection with using the reinforcing mesh.

This cutting discs can be used for processing of metal products, steel, nonferrous metal alloys, reinforced concrete structures of different shape and purposes.

Thanks to the use the best components from world leaders and original method of production cutting disks has increased for 30-35% of resources in class.

Сertificate of compliance with quality standards:


Conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise:


Type Article Size Amount in a package
type 41 4112510 125х1.0х22.2 25
type 41 4112512 125х1.2х22.2 25
type 41 4112516 125х1.6х22.2 25
type 41 4112520 125х2.0х22.2 25
type 41 4115016 150х1.6х22.2 25
type 41 4115020 150х2.0х22.2 25
type 41 4118016 180х1.6х22.2 25
type 41 4118020 180х2.0х22.2 25
type 41 4123020 230х2.0х22.2 25
type 41 4123025 230х2.5х22.2 20
type 41 4123030 230х3.0х22.2 20