Our pleasure to introduce expanding product line Formator!

We have expanded the range of products for the processing innovative metal electrodes for arc welding manual FORMATOR 6013. The electrodes are made taking into account the needs of different levels of welders for work on all types of mild steel deoxidation in all positions! With our electrodes, even an amateur welder to easily perform the most complex joint. The main features of our electrodes is:

  • arc burns steadily and uniformly even at low voltages when using low-quality "Chinese" inverters and low-skilled welder;
  • slag removal is very easy;
  • to obtain a uniform weld without inclusions of air bubbles and slag;
  • greatly increased the strength of the seam, allowing you to create heavy-duty construction;

Perhaps you will like to know what FORMATOR welding electrodes adapted to the EU market - the development of of the electrodes were taken into account all the stringent requirements.

We offer to try and appreciate the benefits of our electrodes FORMATOR 6013!

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