New in stock – Screwdriver Bits for professionals!

WP_20160526_15_31_36_ProWe present you a tool that is used as a severe professional and home handyman - Screwdriver Bits. The range of application of these little helpers is so great that the transfer would take too much time. Some with their incredible design using a master of metal or drywall, while others simply tighten sagging door in the kitchen. But, regardless of professionalism, you may want to use high-quality and reliable tool.
Therefore, we are very serious come to the question of quality. The main objective was to create a reliable and solid bat for high loads and long service life. Another important criterion was the same geometry of the working part, regardless of party.
To solve these problems, we have chosen the best production plant in Taiwan, which has a production quality certificate ISO 9001. This process gives confidence in the constancy of the characteristics of our Screwdriver Bits. To manufacture the tool superhard steel S2. This is an incredible hardness 58-62 HRC! With such characteristics Screwdriver Bits can be used in the most difficult conditions. Also, for convenience, the bits are magnetized. This makes it possible in most cases to hold the screw on the bit without using magnetic holders.
When you use a household our Screwdriver Bits can last for decades.

Taking care of you,

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