Launching the first products of the brand FORMATOR!

Congratulations on the start of production of products under the brand FORMATOR!

This is a great celebration for our company! The path to this was long and difficult, but we have already stepped into the path to the realization of our dream and started producing own products. We expect that it will take a worthy place in the world of quality and affordable tool. We invite you to share this joyous event with us!

The first products were abrasive cutting discs for metal.

According to research of demand, we found the main frequently used and needed sizes and decided to open FORMATOR line products with them:

Cutting disk for metal 125х1.2х22.2

Cutting disk for metal 125х1.6х22.2

Cutting disk for metal 230х2.0х22.2

In developing these discs was a major operation to improve the main points the production to increase the the basic characteristic - wear resistance and not to lose in comfort cutting.

Test results confirmed the high level of quality of discs cutting softness and increased by 30-35% compared with competitors resource disks.

Now with abrasive discs FORMATOR you can do more!

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